ADIR - L'altro diritto

ISSN 1827-0565

The employment of non-European immigrants in the Pisa leather district

Michele Arcella, 2002


This research analyses the employment of non-European immigrants in Tuscnay, and in particular in the leather district: the lower Valdarno municipalities, between Pisa and Florence. Aim of the research is to evaluate the differences between the employment procedures, as prescribed by the laws in force, and the actual experiences in this industrial area. In fact this is featured by customs that go fare beyond the mere legal texts, and that have to be unveiled to draw a realistic picture of the employment of non-European immigrants.

The first chapter, after a short account of the history of migration laws in Italy, analyses the contemporary legal system, based on the 1998 d.l. nº 286 and on its execution rules (d.p.r. nº 394/ 1999). The second chapter presents, through interviews with the people involved (immigrants, trade unionists and industrialists), the Pisa leather district and the actual forms of employment. The last chapter discusses the administrative routines that affect the entrance and the presence of immigrants in Italy.